Video is what powers successful companies. When it's done well, a video tells the story of your organization. And when working to create a video strategy, you can help distill what is important to you and your organization, it should inform you of what you want to say to the world and how you want to say it.

What is your story? And how can we help you tell it?

Our Services

Social Video Production and Management

Building a channel on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat is a challenge, and we have grown multiple businesses to millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

YouTube/IGTV Coaching

Want to just learn the ropes and have an expert in your corner? Kent and his staff of social media experts can guide you through the ups and downs of creating video for online audiences.

Video Business Card

Create a fun, low-cost 60-90 second overview video of your business. Perfect for your website, social media pages, and in ads.

Fundraising Videos

Have an event coming up and need a heart-warming message to bring in the donations? We can help.


When you ned to step up from phone livestreaming to something more robust, we have experience streaming for some of the largest companies in the world. Ask us for a free consultation.



Kent Nichols is widely known as an online video pioneer. In 2005, he co-created the web series Ask A Ninja, one of the first breakout success stories on YouTube and iTunes. The series has been viewed over 160 million times, quoted on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, featured in the New York Times, Wired, and numerous other publications and blogs. The series resulted in a number of wins for Nichols — the YouTube Award for Best Series, a Webby and a Streamy and he was nominated by the PGA for Digital series.

In 2011, Nichols began helping independent creators to get their work distributed across the web and help them build audiences. He has worked with PewDiePie, Ray William Johnson, Rooster Teeth, CaptainSparklez, Markiplier and other top talent as the director of creator and talent relations at Blip and Maker Studios.

After departing Maker Studios, Nichols embarked as a freelance producer, shepherding several high profile projects for New Form Digital, Pixel Corps, and StockX.